Hydropower Science and Safety

WATER IS A SCARCE AND VITAL RESOURCE ACTIVITY: Chart the Earth’sWater Use the information below to make a pie chart that shows the following: • 96% of water on earth is salty and undrinkable. • 3% of water on earth is fresh water. • 1% of water on earth is available for human use. While the majority of the earth is covered by water, it is mostly salty and undrinkable ocean water. Only about 3 % of all the planet’s water is fresh water. Most of this is frozen in glaciers, so it’s not possible for us to use it. That leaves about 1 % of all water on earth available for drinking and other activities. F r e s h , c l e a n w a t e r i s e s s e n t i a l f o r l i f e a n d i s o n e o f o u r m o s t p r e c i o u s r e s o u r c e s . 2 water inyourworld transpiration _________ dams ________________ buoys ________________ reservoirs ___________ watershed ___________ ACTIVITY: WATERWORDS Write the page number(s) where each one of the following water vocabulary words appears. With a partner, share the work of looking up definitions for the words. These and other new water words are highlighted in orange in this booklet. canals _____________ flumes _____________ pollutants __________ condensation _______ precipitation ________ evaporation _________ percolates __________ runoff ______________ electromagnets ______ electrons ____________