Hydropower Science and Safety

3 HYDROPOWER SCIENCE AND SAFETY discover 2 6 4 4 5 3 1 1 1 Water constantly moves through a cycle that is driven by energy from the sun and the force of gravity. It evaporates from lakes and oceans into the air, condenses and crystallizes into clouds, falls as rain or snow, and then flows over land into rivers and streams that carry it back to the ocean. 1. Heat from the sun causes water in the oceans and other bodies of water to rise into the air (evaporation) in a gas form called vapor. 2. Water fromplants, animals, and humans evaporates into the air aswell, through the process of transpiration. 3. The vapor cools off and forms clouds, and then changes back into a liquid (through condensation). 4. The liquid falls to earth as rain, snow, or hail ( precipitation). 5. Some precipitation remains frozen in glaciers or ice caps for thousands of years. But most precipitation becomes runoff . 6. Runoff travels over the ground's surface and either soaks into the earth ( percolates ) or finds its way to fill lakes, reservoirs, rivers, wetlands, and eventually oceans. Water then evaporates again, and the cycle continues. ACTIVITY: Label each numbered step in the illustration with the orange words. © 2020 Culver Media, LLC 800-428-5837 Product #38195 thewater cycle